About Us

C.G.S (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry.

Today, we expand our business lines to support the Thai small and medium-size enterprises by offering suitable packaging solutions technologies for their business and to help the Thai industries moving forward to Packaging 4.0.

We import and distribute the packaging technologies such as on-demand label digital printer, label applicators, packaging design software, automation packing machines, and also serialization, traceability and tracking machines from diverse countries.

Products and services

1.      Esko (Germany)  -  packaging design software and prepress equipment

2.      Quick Label ( USA ) -  on demand digital label printing

3.      Econocorp ( USA ) -   automation packaging machines

4.      Tecma  ( France ) -  automation packaging machines and robots for the packaging industry

5.      Optel (Canada ) - serialization, traceability, tracking, and inspection system

6.      Oris (Germany ) -  digital packaging prove on the actual materials system

7.      Eye C ( Germany ) – quality printing verification system

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