About Us

> CGS (Thailand) has more than 15 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry.

› C.G.S.(Thailand) Co., Ltd. was specialized in Flexography, Letterpress, Offset, and Digital printing. 

> It offerred various technologies from across the printing supply chain, including design and pre-press software from Esko, Ink dispenser Ink, Printing plate, Processing equipment, and Quality control equipment. 

› Today, C.G.S. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. expanded its business line to support the Thai small and medium-sized enterprises by offering the suitable packaging solutions technologies for their business and to help the Thai industries moving forward to Packaging 4.0. We import and distribute the packaging machinery such as on-demand label printer, label applicators , overprinting system, packaging design software, packing machines, and palletizing from diverse countries.

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