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The Kiaro!® is a premium, inkjet color label printer. With the Kiaro!, you never have to sacrifice your quality for speed. Known for its industry best performance, the Kiaro! prints labels in high resolution faster than any other tabletop, color label printer. Even at its 8 ips speed (that’s 40 feet per minute!), you still produce vibrant, high resolution color labels with its outstanding 1200 dpi resolution. It can handle labels from 1”- 4” wide and up to more than 15” in length. With four separate high-capacity ink cartridges that yield high volume labels at low running costs, the Kiaro! label printer is the best fit for any packaging room or production line operation. Perfect for: food & beverage, biomedical product, nutraceutical, hardware, e-liquid, personal care products, cosmetic, promotional products labeling and more.


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