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Semi-AutomaticCarton Sealer Up to 30 cartons / minute

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The Twinseal is an economical carton sealer which glues two flaps simultaneously and can be adjusted to new sizes in just minutes. It’s method of operation is:

1. Operator places loaded carton into the machine with the inner flaps closed and presses dual button start.
2. Glue is automatically applied to underside of carton flap(s).
3. Carton is elevated into vertical squaring/compression chamber.
4. Completed, sealed cartons are automatically removed by the delivery chute accessory.


  • Sanitary construction (essentially stainless steel)
  • Up to 30 cartons per minute (depending on carton style and other factors)
  • Hand Crank Lateral Adjustment for fast, easy changeover
  • Automatic Cycle
  • Left hand, Right hand or Straight back delivery chute discharge
  • Accommodates glue sealing or hot air closure for paperboard or corrugated cartons


Size Range*: (Carton Size LxWxD)
Min ¾” x ¾” 3”
(19 x 19 x 76mm)
Max 12” x 4” x 12”
(305 x 102 x 305mm)
*The Twinseal can be quoted to handle cartons outside of range listed above upon request.

Speed: Up to 30 cartons per minute (depending on carton style and other factors)
Electrical: 220 volts, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase 1400 Watt Hot Melt System
Air: 60 psi (4 bar) Volume consumption approximately 0.8 CFM 4 SCFM (22 Liters/min)
Shipping: Normally less than 300 lbs (136 kg)



  • Extended or reduced sized cartons outside the standard range
  • Deboss, ink or hot leaf coding system
  • Automated Infeed System
  • Ability to go “2-up” to seal 2 cartons at once for increased output
  • Adjustable Infeed Plow Assembly
  • Floor Stand
  • CE Guarding




     DEBOSS Coder Accessory




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