Automatic Case Packer Up to 10 cases / minute

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     The Econocaser is a horizontal casepacker of rugged construction that handles corrugated or folding board materials in a variety of case styles at speeds of up to 10 cases per minute. It’s method of operation is:

1. Master shipping cases are automatically pulled from the supply magazine and erection onto a single load station
2. Product enters the Econocaser via the infeed belt conveyor
3. Product is automatically collated and loaded in to the erected shipping case
4. Following loading, the machine cycle is initiated and the loaded case is transported to the closure section for either glue or tape closure
5. The loaded, sealed case is discharged from the back of the machine at a convenient working height



- Sanitary Construction (essentially stainless steel)
- Heavy duty, welded stainless frame
- Broad size range
- Single load station
- Pressure sensitive tape or hot melt closure
- Simple and fast size changeover
- Flexibility to run RSC and die cut designs
- Accommodates both corrugated and paperboard materials
- Up to 10 cases per minute


Size Range*:                   Min 8” x 6” x 4” (203 x 152 x 102mm)                                                                Carton Size (LxWxD)        Max 24” x 16” x 18” (609 x 406 x 457mm)
*The Econocaser can be quoted to handle cases outside of range listed above

Speed: Up to 10 cases per minute
Electrical: 220 volts, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Air: 80 pis (5,5 bar). Volume Consumption 3.5 CFM, 18.7 SCFM (100 liters/min)
Shipping: Normally less than 1900 lbs (860kg)


- Extended or reduced sized cartons outside the standard range
- Adjustable magazine
- Extended conveyor length
- Intermittent Motion drive for conveyor
- Stair-Step collator/upstacker/downstacker
- Slipsheet for downstacker
- 3 light beacon
- 5’ extended carton magazine
- 5 foot (1.5M) infeed belt conveyor
- Product Loader
- CE Guarding



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