UW-5.1 Label Unwinder


Label Unwinder for For use with the QL-120X (Use in combination with the RW-5.1 Rewinder for a complete roll-to–roll label printing system.)

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The QuickLabel Unwinder makes label management easy.

The QuickLabel Unwinder adds versatility to your label printing system with the ability to manage the process of supplying large diameter label rolls to label printer. With a maximum label diameter of 11.81” and maximum width of 4.72” you can use a large quantity roll of labels, saving you inventory space and time without the need to replenish your label roll as often.

How it works: The unwinder will sit behind the printer, unwinding labels that are pre-loaded, and feeding them to the printer.


Maximum Unwind Diameter – 11.81″ (30 cm)
Maximum Label Width – 4.72″ (120 mm)
Minimum Label Width – 1.0″ (25 mm)
Core Size – 3″ ID (76 mm)
Unwind Direction – Fixed
Unwind Torque – Self-regulating
Power – Universal Voltage
Includes adjustable printer and winder alignment plates
Dimensions – 15.8″ (402 mm) H x 12.6″ (320 mm) W x 11.9″ (302 mm) D
Weight – 16 lbs. (7 kg)
Shipping Weight – 21 lbs. (14 kg)


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