The integrated solution for flexible packaging proofing and mock-up production. The software includes all common spot color libraries such as Pantone and the ability to create your own special colors quickly and easily. Also, offers an integrated softproofing function, proof certification and halftone screen support. - Cost effective and reliable packaging proofs - Generation of printed and virtual proof in no time - Perfect solution for the production of halftone and contone proofs - Multi-pass print mode ensures fast production - Core of the application is our patented iterative color management

หมวดหมู่ : Packaging Softwares Proofing System

Features & Benefits

  • APPE (Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.4.4)
    • Print results are consistent with those of Adobe RIPs if APPE is used
  • Soft proofing
    • Real-time viewing of soft proofs anywhere in the world
    • Environmentally friendly
  • Client-server architecture High level of network security
    • Low-cost client-side hardware
    • Web based
    • Integration with ORIS Certified // Web Certification results can be displayed in web browser
  • Print job editor
    • Print jobs can be edited directly in the application, color separations can be replaced
    • Non-printing separations such as crease lines can be disabled conveniently
  • Optimum spot color rendering Support for all Pantone, Esko and HKS libraries
    • Interface to Esko Color Engine
    • Iterative optimization of individual spot colors
    • Perfect simulation of overprinting spot colors with full CxF/X-4 support
  • Printer setup wizard
    • Fast wizard-driven setup of print queues
    • Wizard-driven linearization, calibration and profiling
  • Additional features Support for all digital file formats
    • Easy creation of media profiles
    • Export and import tools for transferring configuration settings to other installations
    • Selective color correction (fine tuning)
    • Profile smoothing and averaging
    • Adding noise to halftone proofs
    • Support for Hexachrome and multi-channel profiles
    • Continuous and halftone proofing option for color-accurate screened proofs, directly from Esko LEN files, for example
    • Optimized scatter proofing function
    • Database backup and restore utility
  • Support for Roland VersaCAMM VSi-640, 540, 300 and SOLJET XR-640 printers
    • Production of flexible and rigid packaging proofs, mock-ups and labels using white ink and metallic spot colors
    • Full replacement for systems such as Kodak Approval, with only a fraction of the operational costs
    • Unique XG inks from CGS with orange and green, providing a significantly larger color space
    • Large number of different CGS media specially developed for packaging proof applications, including a patent-pending transfer
      media that allows printing on original stock such as flexible film, corrugated board or even sheet metal
  • New varnish and embossing option support for Roland VersaUV LEF-200/300 and Roland LEF-330s printers
    • Custom punch and registration system for perfect register of spot varnish and embossing separations
    • Simulation of matte, glossy and tactile varnishes
    • Additive printing for any kind of embossing effects


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