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LF-100/200 Label Finishing System


All-in-One Desktop Finishing System

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เครื่องตัดไดคัทแบบ digital สำหรับ ฉลากแบบม้วน

The LF-100 and LF-200 Label Finisher is a professional, compact, all-in-one desktop finishing system featuring die-cutting and lamination of labels in a single pass.

The system features a highly accurate, digital die-cutter to produce professional labels of virtually all shapes and sizes, while optionally applying a laminate to give labels a high gloss and durable finish.

☑digital die-cutter รุ่น LF-100/200
☑For all shapes and sizes
☑Linear speeds up to 16 ft. per minute
☑Cut width up to 7.87” (4.88” LF-100)
☑Cut Length up to 13.77”
☑Up to 8 slitters (6 for LF-100)


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