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Wide-Format Inkjet Label Printer with food safe inks

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The QL-850 is a high performance, wide-format label printer designed with the most advanced inkjet technology. Featuring Natura™ food-safe inks, the QL-850 delivers the highest levels of label durability and the flexibility to print a wide range of label shapes and sizes to meet all your labeling needs.

  • Capable of printing single-across labels ranging from 2” to 8.3” in width with precise image placement, allowing for full-bleed printing on a wide range of custom shape labels.
  • Featuring Natura™ durable safer for food inks, delivering exceptionally durable labels designed to be 3x more resistant to the effects of water than similar inks
  • Delivering 1600 dpi high-resolution labels at speeds up to 12 ips to satisfy the most demanding product labeling applications.

What Makes It Different?

The QL-850 was developed to be the pinnacle of performance and durability in a tabletop color labeling solution, designed to fit in compact production work cells. With Natura™ inks that are 3X water-fast and 3X lightfast, the QL-850 delivers durable labels that are safer for food, safer for you, and safer for the environment, all while delivering the performance of a larger and more expensive label press.




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