CDI Advance Cantilever 1450 & 1750

หมวดหมู่ : CDI SPARK


For the highest quality flexo applications, primarily in the flexible packaging and folding carton markets. It images digital flexo sleeves as well as flexo plates. The CDI Advance Cantilever features the record speed of up 8.0 m²/hr thanks to a high-reliability fiber laser with multibeam optics.

Optionally the CDI Advance Cantilever can be equipped with an Inline UV Main Exposure(Patented Technology) unit for simultaneous UV main exposure during the ablation of a sleeve or a plate.


For the tag and label market, folding carton and small volume flexo plate producers in general. It images digital flexo plates up to 25” x 30” (635 x 762mm) and comes with an incorporated plate loading table similar to CDI Spark 4835 and a EasyClamp II drum for easier and faster plate loading.


A full-sized flexo imager able to produce larger format price-effective plates for corrugated converters. Loading and unloading of large, thick plates is assisted by an air-supported loading table that makes it easy to move plates in place - securing them in place is just as easy with the Esko EasyClamp III pneumatic clamp. The CDI Spark 5080 Semi offers automated plate loading and semi automated unloading. The option guarantees safe and simple loading of the thickest plates without operator intervention.


A small footprint, entry-level priced CDI for smaller narrow web/label trade shops and converters wanting digital plates that not only provide better print quality, but also offer consistent reprint quality.


The CDI Spark 1712 is a small footprint, cost-effective flexo plate and film imager specifically for narrow web tag and label printers. The CDI Spark 1712 is able to image digital flexo plates, foil-based digital letterpress plates, digital silkscreens, chemistry-free film such as PCI Laserpoint II, and chemistry-free offset plates.

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